Why do mining GPUs have different hashrates even though they are the exact same model?

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Last updated February, 2018

Why does a mining GPU have different hashrates, power usage, or temperatures at the exact same settings as the exact same card next to it?

One of your GPUs will have a monitor plugged into it, so that can affect the hashrate slightly as it needs to provide video output and the other mining GPUs don’t.

Different abilities of the mining GPUs can also be caused due to the variance of the silicon wafer fabrication process. Even with more airflow etc, each of the GPUs will still settle out at their own temperatures.

Luckily, many of the overclocking software, and even some mining software, allows you to set card specific settings. This can seem a little odd, but some cards are simply built better than others, while others will need more fan speed, or perhaps that GPU can’t handle quite as high of a memory overclocking without freezing.

It’s things like this that make GPU mining a full-time hobby 🙂


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