Asus B250 Mining Expert 19 slot – Best Mining Motherboard Motherboards in Canada

Asus B250 Mining Expert 19 slot – Best Mining Motherboard

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Asus doesn’t like to be outdone! They’ve over delivered with this massive mining motherboard – it has 19 PCIe slots! This B250 motherboard handles up to 30 GB of DDR4 RAM, and uses an LGA1151 CPU socket.

Asus thought ahead, and didn’t just simply provide a ton of PCIe slots to make the mining community happy – they also provide three slots for ATX12V power delivery that divides the PCIe slots into 3 separate groups for reliable power performance.

In addition, the board has PCIe slot state detection to provide a real time indication of the status of each of the mining GPUs without needing to check what your mining software is reporting.

How many GPUs can I put on the B250 mining motherboard?

All of the literature from Asus says this motherboard can support 19 GPUs. They do, however, list some stipulations – they say that on a Windows run mining rig, you will have to have some NVidia mining GPUs and some AMD mining GPUs in order to get all 19 up and running.

There are reports of people running Linux that have been able to have 19 GPUs working. One fellow from a GPU Mining group on Facebook says “You do not need to mix AMD and P104/106 cards on Linux. I ran 19 on mine using 13 Gigabyte 1060 6GB cards and 6 P106-100 6GB cards just fine. I haven’t tried it on Windows, however. I pulled back to 16 cards because there are issues in the Xorg system in Linux initializing more than 16 display devices and X must be running for overclocking to work.”

People have managed to get up to 21 GPUs running on this motherboard using Windows, with some stipulations: a maximum of 13 AMD GPUs are supported, updated drivers are required for more than 8 AMD GPUs to work, and if you are running more than 13 GPUs, then you need to use P106 mining specific graphics cards to get beyond the 13 GPU limit. Check out this YouTube video from BitsBeTrippin. The movie is long and sometimes painful, but overall shows they were able to get 21 GPUs running on this motherboard!

What about resale? Is this still the best mining motherboard choice?

With the recent downturn in the price of the crypto market, more miners are throwing in the towel and selling off their mining rig parts. I feel like that’s short sighted, and many others see a large inflow of cash coming into the crypto markets in the near future as more regulation allows institutional money into the market. My feelings aside, it’s wise to consider how resalable your GPU mining rig parts would be if the need arised.

The Asus B250 mining motherboard doesn’t fare well in the used marketplace, and there’s a few reasons for it. First, it’s a mining only motherboard – it’s not highly valued by gamers, or performance PC enthusiasts. It’s a motherboard built specifically for mining. Likely, when you decide to sell off your mining motherboard and other rig parts, many other people will also be doing the same.

Another reason resale is not very good is that this isn’t a very expensive motherboard to begin with. Although a cheap resale price doesn’t seem like a feature, the cheap purchase price is actually what makes the Asus B250 mining expert motherboard one of the best mining motherboards available today.

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