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People building their own Cryptocurrency GPU mining rigs have been eagerly awaiting the next generation of video cards that would allow them to mine more, faster.

Disappointingly, at Computex last week, NVidia’s CEO Jensen Huang announced that the 1100 series video cards won’t be available for a long time.

The 10-series cards were announced in Spring 2016, so many were anticipating the announcement of the 11-series NVidia cards this spring, but when nothing was announced, attention was turned to Computex and rumors started swirling the internet that the 11-series might be pushed off.

No reasons were given from NVidia, and no details were given as to just how long a ‘long time’ might be. Could it be because of new ASICs being offered for all sorts of different hashing algorithms? Or perhaps a shortage in RAM still causing production issues?

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