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At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2022, Intel revealed its second-generation BTC mining setup. The Bonanza Mine (BMZ2) is an ultra-low-voltage energy efficient Bitcoin ASIC miner that can mine at speed up to 40 TH/s.

The first generation used 300 BMZ1 chips to deliver 40TH/s using 3,600 watts. The new generation chip will be able to deliver 40.4 TH/s using only 2,293 watts of power. Compare that to the Antminer S19j that uses 3,100 Watts to deliver up to 90 TH/s. Antminer still has a lead on cost per terahash for bitcoin ASIC miners, but Intel is quickly closing the gap.

Intel hasn’t yet announced a release date or specifications, but in a slide at the conference, the Bonanza Mine chip indicates it uses the 7nm chip die fabrication process.

Intel ASIC mining chip

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