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Last updated January, 2018

There’s a rush on mining GPUs again! It seems like everywhere in the crypto-sphere (BitcoinTalk, other forums, facebook groups, twitter etc), people are complaining that they can’t find any GPUs in stock.

The GPU comparison charts on this site were built to help you choose the best mining gpu, but they also work to tell you what’s in stock and where! Currently, the site pulls from 5 different online retailers, and every product is updated every hour. However, sometimes that still isn’t enough!

I noticed a few orders went through for the Zotac 1070 ti mining GPU at $459 on I came to the site to check the 1070ti comparison charts, and the Zotac Mini was listed at $899 from Amazon with 2 in stock, and out of stock at Walmart. The $459 offer from Amazon was already sold out, in a matter of minutes!

Sorry guys and gals, I’m not sure how I can make the site update any faster – it looks like we’re in crazy days where you just have to be quick on the trigger!

Update: Some miners have reported that Amazon does allow you to buy when it’s out of stock, and they’ll “ship when available”. I can’t seem to see this on, but it does appear to be an option on – it may have something to do with the fact that on there are some aspiring entrepeneurs willing to sell you a Zotac Mini for $899, and on they are flat out of any available options.

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