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In one of the newsletter’s I subscribe to, I recently got an email pointing out the price of Bitcoin in the month of March – going all the way back to 2010.

Check it out:

March 2010: $0.003
March 2011: $1
March 2012: $5
March 2013: $80
March 2014: $600
March 2015: $250
March 2016: $400
March 2017: $950
March 2018: $8,500

Any guesses or thoughts on what it will be in March 2019?

I expect the Bitcoin price 2019 to be higher than $8500 – it was quite a bit higher, and came back down, but in the next few months I’m confident things will really explode in the crypto market as institutional money comes into the space.

Are you positioned to take advantage of that?

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