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Last updated February, 2022

If you’re building a GPU mining rig, then the most important piece of it is the mining GPU! However, other than the wide range of brands, prices, and choices, in a way that’s the easy part of the build.

The often-more-confusing part of a gpu mining rig is all of the other mining rig parts – and this is especially daunting if you’ve never built a custom computer before. There’s all sorts of things to consider – what motherboard to use, how much ram is needed, what size of power supply you need, and on and on.

This section of the GPU Mining Charts website is here to help you through that process. If you still get confused, have no fear! Post your question in the comments section below, or simply use our contact form to reach out. I’m a miner too, and I may not have all the answers, but I’m always happy to help!

Summary of Mining Rig Parts

Here is a mining rig parts list that you’ll need when building an ethereum or other cryptocurrency mining rig.



Hard Drive


Power Supply

GPU (or many GPUs)

USB Risers

Power Switch

Additional Cooling Case Fans

Keyboard and Mouse

Operating System

Power Meter

Mining Rig Frame

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