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There’s no doubt about it – buying and assembling a GPU mining rig can be a time consuming and costly adventure. When I first started, I spent countless hours trying to determine what the best components for my mining rig were. I scoured the internet to determine what the best price was, what the best hashrates were, and what the best cpu, psu, and other mining rig parts were.

This site is the result of that – an attempt to provide you all of the necessary details in one location – easy to find, easy to use, easy to decide. These mining gpu comparison charts are a visual way to compare the mining gpu hashrates and the best prices.

Have a suggestion? Let me know – I’m always working on improving the gpu mining charts!

Find the Best Mining GPU for Your Rig

Best Mining GPU 2018 – looking for help choosing? Read the article

Compare GPU for Mining based on Purchase cost and ongoing power usage

Best Mining GPU based on mining speed best hashrate and purchase cost

Best GPU for mining Ethereum

Ethereum Mining on GTX 1050 ti – Best GPU for mining Ethereum with low price GPU

Ethereum Mining on GTX1060 3GB – Best Mining GPU prices and speeds

Ethereum Mining on GTX 1060 6GB – Best mining GPU hashrate for 3GB cards

Ethereum Mining on GTX 1070 8GB – Best GTX 1070 mining speeds and prices

Ethereum Mining on GTX 1070 Ti – GTX 1070 Ti hashrate and prices

Ethereum Mining on GTX1080 8GB – Hashrate and prices for the best GTX 1080 for mining

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