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Last updated February, 2018

Warran Buffet says “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” That doesn’t just apply to the stock market, that applies to most markets and especially to cryptocurrencies!

As banks like Goldman Sachs come out with silly statements, like last week when they said that most cryptocurrencies are headed to zero and then their head of Global Investment Research, Steve Strongin, says “Whether any of today’s cryptocurrencies will survive over the long run seems unlikely to me,” the impatient, the people with more-than-they-can-afford-to-lose invested, the ones that can’t handle the current fire sale will sell themselves short. I don’t mean short as in a fancy investment term, but sell themselves short as in they will sell their cryptos at the wrong time because they have weak hands.


Last week another exchange was hacked, but this time only a specific crypto was stolen, $170 million or so worth of a small, largely unknown crypto.


All of these news events contributes to sell offs, but when you look at the big players, the Wall Street money and smart investors are either holding or buying cryptos during this time. They are not selling!


If you’re a crypto investor that can ignore the hype and can weather the current stormy crypto winter, you will be rewarded.


Caveat: This should go without saying, but yes, there are many scam cryptos, scam coins, scam tokens out there (like BitConnect, USDT, etc) that have no real business case and are just a glorified Ponzi. Those coins can go to zero, they should go to zero, and I hope they do. The quicker the crypto market gets cleaned up, the quicker the solid coins, the ones with a real business case and backed by great teams, can rocket to the moon J

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