With moderate OC’ing (mem +1000), I’m getting rates of ETH-only mining ~30.4MH/s. But, to improve profitability, I’m dual-mining with Claymore’s miner and netting ETH (~26.7 MH/s) + DCR (~950 MH/s) on each card. Combined, as ETH this delivers ~0.0073 ETH/day per card (net of pool/miner fees) vs. ~0.0062 ETH/day per card (for ETH-only mining) or about 18% more payout or an equivalent hashrate of about 35-36 MH/s. Not bad for these little Zotacs, and certainly worth the 2% mining software fee to Claymore.

I’ve found that these OC settings work well across all my 1070s, regardless of brand and including these Zotac minis. I could probably get more performance out of the Gigabytes 1070’s if I wanted to add extra configuration complexity to my rigs. Might be worth it!

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