the 1070 ti properly set up is THE EFFICIENCY KING at this time, and it’s only competition even at the SYSTEM level is the 1080 ti.
All of my testing to date has been on the EVGA SC model of the 1070 ti.
104 watts, +200 core / +700 memory seems to be the best point for max efficiency, though there is a few watts of wiggle room on the TDP setting before efficiency starts noticeably dropping – 130 watts it is DEFINITELY dropping quite a bit.
6 cards should run on a single 850 at 100 watts TDP, for ballpark 440 sol/s per card. 5 cards run COMFORTABLY on a single 850 at 106 watts TDP for 455-460 sol/s per card, using EWBF 0.3.4b, and you could probably push that 5 card rig up to 110-115 watt ballpark per card with a very small drop in efficiency for more hashrate.
Cards run quite cool in that TDP range – 60% fan keeps them under 60C even in a very warm (85 F) mining room, as long as you have a couple inches of open space between each card.

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