Best Price And Power Usage

Compare Mining GPUs based on initial cost and ongoing power cost

This page is a graphical way to compare mining GPUs. There are so many things to consider when trying to determine what GPUs to buy for a crypto mining rig. If you have already decided, and you’re just looking for the best price on a specific GPU, then browse all the Mining GPUs we have data for.

Things to consider and keep in mind while this tool:

  • The purchase price and electricity costs are calculated based on 100 MH/s (or sols etc). A card may get less than 100, or more than a few hundred, so I needed to get everything onto a level playing field to view the numbers in a meaningful way.
  • You may or may not be able to achieve the same hashrates and power usage stats, but these are results reported by real GPU miners
  • Although a smaller/slower hashing mining GPU may be a better value, it will require more PCIe slots to achieve the same overall hashrate as fewer, faster hashing mining GPUs and this mining gpu hashrate comparison table does not take into account the rest of the mining rig build cost

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