Zotac 1050Ti OC 4GB

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Zotac 1050Ti OC 4GB Hashrate Mining Speed

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Hashrate Sols/second
Top Hash Speed: 179.5 Sol/s Equihash
Average Hash Speed: 174.75 Sol/s Equihash
Hashrate MHs/second
Top Hash Speed: 14.7 MH/s Ethash
Average Hash Speed: 14.6 MH/s Ethash

Best Equihash Hashrate Settings for Zotac 1050Ti OC 4GB mining GPU

Not the most efficient mining GPU at 2.67 Sols/watt, but they are cheap. Gets 179.5 Sol/s at 90% TDP (67 watts) on EWBF miner and Windows 10 source

zotac 1050ti oc 4G mining zcash @ 169.5 sols 69w power draw - miner : excavator Average Hashrate for 6 hours 520.7 Sol/s with 3 cards source

Best Ethash Hashrate Settings for Zotac 1050Ti OC 4GB mining GPU

I'm having zotac gtx 1050ti 4gb Oc dual fan edition. OC settings are Power - 100% Core - 130 Mem - +850 Use claymore v9.7, pretty stable and giving 14.5mhs using just 40 watts source

zotac 1050ti oc 4G mining ETH/ETC 14.7m/h 68w power draw -Miner : ethminer-0.9.41-genoil-1.1.9 Average Hashrate for 6hrs 44-50 m/h with 3 cards source

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